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Most (if not all) of the images on this site come from the talented artists over at Deviant Art. If your artwork is used for this campaign and the idea that I found it so impressive that I picked it out of millions of other pieces does anything less than flatter you, feel free to send me a message on DA (~tahloned) from your user name and I will comply with your requests. I respect and recognize the ownership of each artist and explicitly avoid images tagged by artists that do not wish their work to be used.

To the rest of you, thank you very much for your creative inspiration that breathes life into this story. If you want me to call out your work specifically, please also feel free to message me (either here or on DA) and I would be happy to promote it more so than I already am. Also, if you would like to see your work in this campaign, feel free to message me and I’ll see what I can do! I can’t promise I’ll have a place for it but I would love to help an artist along the path to success even if it’s through the meager view count of my campaign.

- Jonathonathon

The clouds are always thick above the Imperial City. It always rains. A metropolis of essence lit skyscrapers and bustling people whose perpetual cycles are born of endless toil, the Imperial City was once a beautiful place until the sun went away.

Stories tell that the people were once inspired by the sun in all its magnificent splendor. That the sun shone as the guiding light for the excellence in all man kind which made them strive to rise above their own mortality and reach for something more. After the Dragon Blooded rose up and seized control of the City, they commanded the spirits of the world to cover the city in clouds to blot out all but the faintest ambient sunlight. Indeed they have no choice but to allow these fleeting beams of light through the clouds, for the glory of the Unconquered Sun can never truly be contained. Without their guiding star, the spark of man began to fade like the colors from the world around them. As the city faded from brilliant color to complacent grays, the soul of man kind faded along with it.

The Dragon Blooded Host maintains complacency in the Imperial City. The only color the citizens glimpse are the wonders brought forth by the Exalted. Essence Air Ships scream between buildings while Essence Hover Crafts zip through the city streets, winding their way through the maze of roads in the shadows of towering buildings as the Dragon Blooded hurry to crush the unrest that sometimes bubbles up in the heart of man.

Now people in the Imperial City do little more than simply live their lives. They go to work to contribute to society and come home to quiet houses filled with quiet families staring at the gray around them that eats away at their soul, one banality at a time. Without the sun, there can be no humanity for man just as surely as there can be no color in the world around them. The sun is, and always has been, the hope of man kind.

Yet on occasion it peaks through the clouds and, from time to time, fills those it touches with inspiration and passion. Those that are awakened, even if only for the briefest of moments, weep when they are finally confronted by the true horror of the city around them. Merchants from far away lands are forbidden to speak of the world beyond while escorting their caravans through the Imperial City and are always dressed in the colorless attire adorning all within her walls. Few citizens ever leave and fewer still return to tell of what’s out there.

Defeated and downtrodden, most people live their lives one menial task at a time content to the utter apathy that has consumed them. Mortal men are forbidden aerial travel to hide them from the truth. None know that, should they breach the perpetual clouds above the massive city-state and allow themselves to be consumed by the Unconquered Sun’s radiance, everything that makes life worth living would come rushing back to them in the light of the sun.

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