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Good morning! My name is Isis and I am the spirit of your PETALS, or Personal Essence Technology and Localized Sanctuary. I’ll be storing all of your information and accessing the Grid Network to handle any and all information requests. As mandated by the Realm Dynasty, all information is private unless requested by a Realm official. Remember to connect all peripherals for attunement so that I may assist and provide information across all devices! Also, don’t forget your prayers provide the Essence I need to assist you.

The Imperial City is one of the greatest cultural marvels in Creation and you can see a list of all the events happening all over! This list also includes any personal summons and official notifications. I’ll also record personal entries for easy reference.

Learn more about the essence-based superstructure that supports most of the Artifact information transfers and other Grid integrated technologies. Classified information is only available to Realm Official Personnel and tampering with sensitive information is punishable by Imperial mandate.

Find out the latest information as reported by the Imperial news sources. From your district to the edges of the Wyld, the Grid News is your source for everything that matters to you! Information will be aggregated based on your interest as I learn more about what articles are relevant to you.


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