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This is the main Essence Navigation Page. From this page you can look up all things pertaining to Essence, including Charms, Vehicles and other Essence based Artifacts or abilities. You can also review all of the specifications for different techniques and devices that I have cataloged. Additional information will become available as I continue to process and catalog all data that I have determined is relevant to you.

With the refinement of mortal education and a number of other breakthroughs including enhanced Artifact repair processes and better refinement of magical materials and Essence flows, Artifacts have become a staple in every day society.

Hearthstones are magical stones that are formed in areas that have a high concentration of Essence, such as Demesnes or Manses. These can be slotted into Artifacts to grant you special abilities and grow more powerful when in the presence of ambient Essence.

The current archive of spirit Charms that have been cataloged so far. Spirit Charms are often unique and versatile, developed by spirits to help them manage their own panoply and fulfill the desires and designs of the spirit the Charm belongs to.

The Glorious Dragon Blooded host, Exalted defenders and leaders of the great Imperial City. The Dragon Blooded are the guardians of Creation and protect it from Fair Folk, Demons and threats from the Underworld. It is by their sweat and Essence that our great society was constructed and here’s how they do it!

Known throughout the Realm as the most powerful and blasphemous of the Anathema Demons, little is known about the Charm structure of the Solar Exalted which have not been seen in Creation for hundreds of years!

The moon mad Lunars were the barbarian accomplices of the Solars. Uncivilized to their very core, Lunars became twisted monsters devoid of humanity. Thankfully they have been gone as long as the Solars!


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