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This portion of your PETALS documents is used as an information cache on all of the general items that you encounter. From here I’ll attempt to maintain all relevant information about all technology below Artifact grade. As always, Artifact information can be located on the Essence page.

Mundane Small Arms
Small arms are weapons that fire concentrated pulses of Essence. The ammunition for these devices are small clips that slide into the weapons themselves and are charged with Essence. Each clip holds a certain charge of Essence and uses a small portion of that charge each time the weapon is fired. Once expended, the clip must be ejected and another fully charged clip must be put in its place. Small arms are favored for their variability and a number of modifications are available for them. Note that reloading a small arms is a miscellaneous speed 6 action.


Small arms also have a number of modifications available, most commonly are different types of Essence clips that can be used to fire variable types of blasts. Modifications to small arms include scopes, extended clips, and refitting. Ammunition types include nonlethal rounds, high impact rounds, and anti personnel rounds.

Standard Scope1Removes up to 2 points of external, distance-based sight penalties when used to aim but levies a 2 die internal penalty to sight based Perception checks on anything but the target when in use.
Targeting Scope2More advanced scopes remove up to 4 points of external sight penalties from all conditions, including poor lighting and distance but levies a 2 die internal penalty to sight based Perception checks on anything but the target when in use.
Refit1An overhaul of the gun which upgrades pieces of the weapon to lighter and more precise parts, refitting a weapon raises its accuracy by +1.
Extended Clip+1Extended clips hold a stronger charge than standard ammunition clips which allows the weapon to fire more often.
Nonlethal Clip1Nonlethal rounds carry a special Essence charge which causes each shot to disperse on impact. This type of ammunition adds +1 point of damage to the base weapon statistics but converts all damage to Bashing.
Anti Personnel Clip1Anti personnel rounds are specifically designed for targets not wearing armor. These rounds add +2L to the weapons base damage but treat all armor that isn’t natural as doubled for determining damage.
High Impact Clip1These clips are designed to cut through heavily armored targets. These shots add the Piercing tag to all attacks made with them but lower the weapons base damage by 2.


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