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Below is a collection of Spirit Charms, some of which I have. Most of the Charms I’ve cataloged are either to instruct you on my personal Charms or are references I’m using to learn additional Charms. You can also use this as a point of research on what to expect from hostile spirits in Creation since, more than likely, there will be quite a few of them.

Voices of the Gods (Compassion)

Dragon Line Link
Through the use of this Charm, the Spirit is able to tap into the Dragon Lines of Creation to access a network. The spirit uses the rules for Sending ranges (RoGD1 p.150) to determine how close to a manse with the Network Node feature of the network the Spirit is attempting to access. This is either the minimum distance from a manse that is a Network Node or the minimum distance from the edge of a Zone of Influence of a Network Node manse.

Spirits perceive networks as gigantic landscapes with features specific to the Network itself. The spirit, along with all other spirits currently connected to the network, project themselves into this landscape. They can then navigate this landscape to attempt to locate other spirits and information contained within. While projected into this landscape, the spirit uses all its own traits but cannot be caused physical harm. The spirit can, however, lose willpower through Charms, social attacks or any other effect that targets the mental state instead of the physical state. A spirit reduced to zero willpower is instantly ejected from the Grid. This Charm is the primary means by which spirits connect to the Grid Network of the Imperial City.

Cost: 1m, 1wp; Mins: Essence 2; Type: Simple
Keywords: Combo-Basic
Duration: Indefinite
If the Network has an artificial intelligence that is actively preventing a spirit from connecting to it, the two roll opposed (Intelligence + Occult). Each attempt is a miscellaneous speed 6 action which cannot be placed in a mundane flurry and the first side to gain a threshold of 5 successes wins. If the artificial intelligence gains more successes than the spirit, the spirit is cut off from the network. If the spirit botches a single roll, the spirit cannot attempt to access the Network for another 24 hours.

Spirit Charms

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