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Here’s all the information I’ve been collecting on Solar Charm theory. I’ve spent most of my time observing your Charm usage in an attempt to extrapolate Charm theory to develop a theoretical Charm you could potentially develop that I think would be interesting to you. While most of these Charms are theoretical, I’ve observed Solar magic is well above the Spirit and even Dragon Blooded supernatural curve.

Wyld Shaping Technique
Quite possibly the most impressive power I have documented of the Solar Exalted, the Lawgivers alone have the ability to forge Creation from Chaos. By Virtue of this Charm, with no additional training or discovery, the Lawgiver has the ability to create the following: Land (which can then create Demesnes), Magical Things, People, Wealth.

I will also begin recording different recipes that have been discovered through the use of Wyld Shape.

Dragon Kings

Components: One Human

Process: First the human must have his motivation broken or completely malleable to the process. Before beginning the process, there must be a successful prayer to the Unconquered Sun by a priest or in a temple dedicated to his honor. Then, the Solar must imbue the mortal with six successes worth of Wyld energy (each roll with a similar difficulty based on the surrounding Wyld area). Finally, a Charm or intensive training must be used to enlighten the Dragon King if the character wishes for the Dragon King to be more than a savage beast.

Mountain Folk

Components: One Fair Folk

Process: First the Fair Folk motivation must be broken or completely malleable to the process. Next, the Solar must Wyld Shape a Resources 5 jade-like prison around the Fair Folk which has a difficulty of the Fair Folk’s Essence. Finally, the Mountain Folk Charm Jade’s Egg Hatched must be used to birth the new Jadeborn into existence.

Lady Luck Seduction Stance
This Charm should enhance your ability to participate in “games of chance” giving you the ultimate edge. Using this Charm should allow your enhance to perfectly determine the outcome of any event that you directly take part in that is uncontested. Examples include throwing darts to perfectly hit the target every time and throwing dice to achieve the desired result, even if the dice are weighted otherwise. More creative applications might include throwing a paper airplane from across a manse to have it glide through the air and coast to a stop perfectly on someone’s desk.

The Charm will only function when there is something to lose, even if it’s just a friendly bet with no monetary stakes on the line. Verbal challenges should also trigger the effects of this Charm since that should be enough to trigger a motonic response. In any event, I designed the Charm with an automatic upgrade to help prevent others from determining when it’s active.

Cost: 6m; Mins: Larceny 5, Essence 3; Type: Simple
Keywords: None
Duration: One scene
Prerequisite Charms: None
       Whether it’s the perfect bounce of a die roll or the perfect toss onto a turning wheel, the Solar is the master of his own destiny and determines the outcome of things others simply leave to chance. A Solar under the effects of this Charm subconsciously knows exactly how to influence a game he is directly responsible for determining the outcome of to get the best possible result. While this Charm is active, if the Solar takes part in an uncontested action in which he is the catalyst for the final outcome, such as rolling dice or throwing horseshoes, and has wagered something of value the outcome is always exactly what the Solar desires. Should another Charm contend with this effect, the Solar adds (Essence) successes to the appropriate roll off. This Charm does not have any effect on events left purely to chance that the Solar does not interact with.
       At Essence 3+, this Charm also protects the Solar from observers attempting to discover the secret of her success. For the remainder of the scene, this Charm levies an external penalty of (the Solar’s Larceny) on attempts to detect she’s using supernatural means to achieve victory. This includes, but is not limited to, Investigation attacks to make her confess she’s “cheating” and characters using Essence sight to identify this Charm is active.

Solar Charms

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