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From this page you can review locations of significance that you have encountered in your travel. Information about those locations will be displayed as further intel is required. If you want me to require additional information about a particular location, I will need a Grid connection and time to retrieve additional information.

The Imperial City
The culmination of the massive technological overhaul and the manifestation of all Essence advancements in the last few centuries, the Imperial City is a marvel of advancement boasting the highest concentration of manses per square mile and the largest Artifact market in all of Creation. The Imperial City is home to the Scarlet Dynasty and the largest collection of Dragon Blooded anywhere in Creation.

The Imperial City is known for the order and unity it maintains throughout its entire civilization. An almost utopic society where everyone is provided for due to the technological advancement Dragon Blooded engineers have overseen, the Imperial City has the highest level of education and lowest level of impoverished in all of Creation as a result. Crime in the Imperial City is also lower in the Imperial City relative to all of Creation even though it boasts a higher than average suicide rate.

Essence vehicles are a common site in the Imperial City as are multiple pieces of Artifact technology in every day homes. Spirits work in unison with the the Immaculate order to interface seemlessly with Artifact technology and each spirit does their part to provide for the common man. This harmony has remained uninterupted since the Imperial City underwent a massive technological upgrade over the last several hundred years. Despite having the largest collection of supernatural entities in Creation, completing the task in that time was still an impressive feat even for the Exalted.

Home to the Seventh Legion, Lookshy is the largest collection of Dragon Blooded and Artifact technology outside of the Imperial City itself. White not as condensed as the Imperial City, Lookshy still boasts a healthy amount of technology and Essence based advancements which make Lookshy one of the most attractive places in all Creation to live. The people of Lookshy are as fiercely loyal to their country as they are their family and the city is vibrant and alive with culture. The culture of the seventh legion is woven into every aspect of Lookshy and the city has, to date, the largest standing militia and army per population in all of Creation.
While the Seventh Legion was actually an off-shoot of an Imperial force from the First Age, Lookshy is probably one of the closest followers of the Immaculate Order as it was originally established during the First Age. Spirits are all honored accordingly and the Dragon Blooded rule over the people as the living God Kings that use their power to protect and defend their home. Lookshy has had a treaty with the Imperial City which has held in a lasting peace for the last few hundred years but their history before that was marked with violence and bloodshed.

Skyscale Redoubt
Skyscale Redoubt is the result of an outreach program by the Seventh Legion. Known as the Thousand Rivers Expansion, the aim of the program is to span out across Creation and secure locations of geomantic importance where Lookshy can create redoubts, manses, and other staging areas to further expand their reach. The city itself is beginning to outgrow its own borders so the outreach program is a great way to scout additional territory and establish boundaries beyond Lookshy walls for expansion.
Skyscale Redoubt itself is devoted to the rich collection of dragon lines in the surrounding area. Due to its relatively remote location, Skyscale has become a mostly self sufficient city state but is unfortunately well outside the reach of the main Seventh Legion standard operations zone. The name of the redoubt is a constant reminder to those participating on the project that the purpose of the Redoubt is to become a staging platform for the Aerial Legion where sorcerer-engineers can repair and refit vehicles. The Legion also hopes that, with proper geomantic cultivation if they can hold the location for enough years, the city itself might blossom with the construction of a full scale sky port.


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