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PETALS (Personal Essence Technology And Localized Sanctuary)
eBlossom v 4.3.8 with Grid Access Technology (GAT)
Lotus Corporation, c RY 2268, est RY 2100

This is the main navigation page for your PETALS device, brought to you by Lotus. From here you can access the many features of your PETALS device.

Review your personal messages here. Messages stored on your PETALS will remain accessible even if I deattune to the Grid. However, in order to retrieve new messages, I need to establish a Grid connection. Spirits within the Grid will maintain messages from other parties until I can retrieve them so you needn’t worry about missing important messages.

Here you can view information about your PETALS device including features and information concerning the information spirit contained within your PETALS device.

Your personal calendar. I will maintain important events and date entries within your Calendar. You can also use the Calendar feature to do a number of utility things, including viewing and setting reminders and notifications for important events.

Includes maps, directions, places of importance and territory boundaries when available. Additional information about structures, people and organizations will be stored in the Document section. Personal data will be collected in real time but additional data requires an active Grid connection.


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