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Below is the information I have been able to compile about the various organizations you have encountered and information about organizations I was able to obtain through the Grid. I’ll try and be sure to add personal annotations as they come up and will also be sure to record my own observations that I believe to be relevant when I can.

The Scarlet Dynasty
Shortly after the Great Contagion, a single Dragon Blooded rose to power by seizing control of the Realm Defense Grid and turning it on the invading Fair Folk hordes. From there, she united the remaining Dragon Blooded and created the Scarlet Dynasty which has occupied the Imperial City ever since. Using her expertise in political maneuvering and brute force, the Empress has secured over half the Dragon Blooded in Creation through family ties alone and remains the most powerful Dragon Blooded in the modern era.

Motivation: Unknown
Policies: Defend Creation from all threats, Bring as much of Creation as reasonably possible under Dynasty rule, Amass and produce enough Artifacts and Resources to continue raising the panoply and way of life of all citizens, Maintain absolute order
Intimacies: Jade Prison Containment (Fearful Vigilance), Empress (Absolute Compliance), The Great Houses (Responsible Trust)
Assets: Size 9, Competence 5, Influence 8, Wealth 8, Reach 7

The Seventh Legion
Currently ruling over Lookshy, the Seventh Legion is the Old Realm Legion that, during the Great Contagion, came to rest where Lookshy now stands. They openly refused Dynastic rule and are the second greatest collection of Dragon Blooded in all Creation.

Motivation: Unknown
Policies: Defend the threshold from enemies of Creation, Maintain the values of the Seventh Legion, Pursue all Artifice knowledge when possible, Adhere to the true Immaculate Faith
Intimacies: Dragon Blooded (Covet), Militaristic Values (Adherence), Realm Alliance (Weary Acceptance)
Assets: Size 7, Competence 5, Influence 7, Wealth 7, Reach 4


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