Official Errata

Old compilation of Solar changes can be found at our old campaign if you need a refresher.

There are some developer sanctioned Overdrive Charms for Solars, Lunars, Abyssals, and Sidereals that I’m fine with everyone taking.

Physical Combat
• Stunt motes/wp are awarded only once per action when the character’s DV refreshes
• Ping is gone, minimum damage is now 1 unless the character has Charms or a weapon with the Overwhelming tag
• Conviction Flaw of Invulnerability – if in the scene you act contrary to an intimacy or a Virtue rated at 3+ perfects gain a 3m surcharge
• Martial Art forms that allow the character to use weapons without the M tag are capped at the relevant ability until the character learns the Form Type Charm of the style
• Soulsteel weapons can gain a maximum of damage HL motes, Orichalcum +2 Acc / +1 Def / +1 Rate
• Jade provides 2 points of soak vs environmental damage, Starmetal adds 1 to soaks and lower final damage by 1 (min 1)
• P tag now ignores 4 pts of soak (min 2)
HGD now costs 8m
• Lightspeed Body Dynamics is no more.

Social Combat
• Social attacks cost an additional willpower per 3 successes above the target’s MDV (max 5 wp)
• Only spend wp once per scene to resist natural mental influence
• Emotion Keyword – 1 die internal penalty when not acting in accordance with the emotion, 3 die penalty when acting directly contrary to the emotion

General Combat
• No more xp or wp cost for Combos, characters may build any combo on the fly provided it’s a valid combo
• (Ability) Essence Flow – Solars can now add stunt dice to their cap of total dice bought
• Multiple bonuses from Artifacts no longer stack, only the highest bonus applies

Official Errata

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