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This is the Grid News Network, a distribution of the All Seeing Eye and other Imperial news correspondents. I will retrieve news stories that I find on the Grid relevant to you and store them on your PETALS for review at any time. If you are interested in any news topics in particular, please feel free to ask and I will attempt to recover relevant articles.

Breaking News!
Jade Prison Escape!
Imperial City
RY 4.12.2268

We’ve just confirmed reports that after centuries of steady containment, an unknown terrorist organization has recently broke into and succeeded in freeing some of the prisoners of the famed Jade Prison. The Jade Prison is known to house some of the most dangerous entities Creation has ever seen and is continually guarded by only the most elite Dragon Blooded and Spirit fighting forces.

Initial reports indicate that only a small wing of the Jade Prison Essence Containment Units were compromised before the Jade Prison guards were able to repel the attacking force. Confirmed reports indicate that the terrorist group managed to escape despite being cut off from opening additional cells. While the information concerning what was in these cells is classified, an official statement from the Jade Prison Warden indicates that some extremely dangerous demons escaped. These demons are capable of possessing ordinary citizens and extreme caution should be taken when approaching them. They are also capable of channeling Essence and have large anima displays when expending too much. If you locate any of these Anathema, we encourage you to contact the local authorities and do not attempt to engage them as they are extremely dangerous.


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