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This page is a compilation of your personal messages I have received. Most of these messages will probably come from the Grid but if any other networks are used to send messages I will be sure to note the source. Messages from unknown contacts will be tagged as such. All messages below are displayed in the order that they are received and I will briefly tag new incoming messages for your convenience.


Subject: Your Family

The Net




It’s my understanding that my Solar mate, Karal Yukiko, tasked me with retrieving your husband. I followed him through every back ally and sewer of the Realm until I had finally learned that he had been taken from Malfeas. My time in the Realm was most enlightening and I learned a great many things about the corruption that is running rampant among the Dragon Blooded. It was because of this assignment that I had my eyes open to the true danger Creation was facing, and for that I should thank you.

Despite the endless hordes of demons and numerous supernatural resistances I encountered, I was able to track down your husband. For reasons unknown to me he was being held captive in one of the deepest layers of Malfeas at the behest of a powerful third circle demon, whose name I will withhold from you. At great peril to myself I was also able to smuggle him out of Malfeas and return him safely to the edge of Creation. Triumphant, I returned to Lookshy with my task fulfilled which I honestly wasn’t sure I could actually accomplish.

Your husband had already suffered extensive psychological and physical trauma at the hands of his demon captors, needless to say. He was so happy to be back in Creation that he didn’t stop thanking and praising me until we arrived back in the city. It was then I heard news of my beloved.

At first I didn’t believe it, but then I saw the security footage with my own eyes. Believe me when I say I went through great lengths to determine whether or not the images were real as I’m well aware of the treachery of the Realm. I almost didn’t believe even then, but then the truth finally set in. She bound you to her rule, as she’d been doing with most of Lookshy, and you couldn’t stand to be under her thumb.

You’ve taken everything from me and you didn’t even leave me so much as a body to bury and mourn. Not only is the love of my life gone, but the unborn child she was carrying will never open his eyes to see the moon rise. My need for revenge brought me to your husband’s room the following night, but as I lifted my claws to take his life something occurred to me. His death would be too swift a reprisal and I want you to suffer as I will suffer, without knowing what has become of those you hold dear.

I took him from his room. I retraced my steps back to the gates of Malfeas. I walked up to his demon captors as he screamed and begged for me to let him go, crying and cursing all the while. When he asked me why, I told him you commanded it so. The demons only smiled, and I threw him back into the cage I had rescued him from not even a month before.

No doubt you’ve noticed that I neglected to make mention of your child. I did not write whether or not she was a captive like your husband, if I ripped her spine through her mouth while she begged me to spare her, or if she is simply sleeping at home alone waiting for a father and mother behind a legion of Dragon Blooded. My wish is that the darkest corners of your imagination and your deepest fears will haunt your dreams for the rest of your life as you tear yourself apart from the inside out not knowing her fate.

Sleep with one eye open Mariah. Now that I’ve dealt with your family, I’m coming for you.

- Blood Claw



Subject: Something that might interest you…

The Grid



Hey guys, hope you’re getting along well. I’m sorry again about the conditions of your escape, I know it must be difficult to leave your home. Especially what happened with Alex…

Try not worry, I’m keeping a very close eye on him. As I expected, he wasn’t killed. He’s been taken prisoner and I’m working on figuring out a way to spring him as well.

I have some limited intelligence I was hoping you guys could help me with. There’s a small town called the Skyscale Redoubt to the East. Headed your way (literally, you should run right into them) is a large caravan of refugees that are making their way to Nexus. They’re townsfolk that seem to have been disbanded from their homes but I’m having a hard time figuring out what exactly drove them out of their town.

Would you mind meeting up with them and figuring out what happened? They’re good people and, more importantly, they aren’t affiliated with the Realm.

I’ll pass along what information I have about them to Isis. Right now it’s important to remember that we’re trying to stand up to the Realm and that isn’t going to be easy. The more resources we have the better, and the people of Creation are one of the most important resources we can gather.

Feel free to shoot me back a message if you have any questions and thanks again for taking all this in stride.

- Arianna



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