Imperial City

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Below is a list of important locations I have documented for you in the Imperial City. The information included below is a combination of observed data and information I was able to locate on the Grid. If you have any requests for other documented locations within the Imperial City, please let me know.

A manse that has been procured by a friend for you to hide out in while you’re in the Imperial City, the manse itself has a number of supernatural precautions that help mute your presence and disguise your identity.

The Jade Refuge (Manse 3)
Drawbacks: No Hearthstone (3 pts) – 9 Creation Points Total

Powers: Network Node (1 pt), Magical Conveniences (1 pt), Greater Veil of Shadow (4 pts), Bound Servant Force (3 pts)

About: The Jade Refuge is a Water Aspected Manse in the Imperial City that has been designed as a refuge for those looking to stay below the radar. In order to conform to Imperial Manse regulations, the manse has a connection to the Grid (Network Node) and features Minor Essence Powered Devices, Modern Plumbing and a secret training room (Magical Conveniences) for guests in the Manse. The Manse itself appears to be just a normal, albeit large, building and anything short of an iconic anima banner cannot be seen within (Greater Veil of Shadow) while the numerous automatons (Bound Servant Force) can distract, or if necessary combat, hostile forces in the unlikely event someone sees through the potent manse illusion.

Realm Perimeter
While we were traveling through the Realm perimeter, and with the help of some information Arianna was able to forward to me, I began identifying some of the geomancy of the manses around the perimeter of the Imperial City. It appears that there are relay series every four miles or so that contain a cluster of two manses. The construction of the manses is pretty uniform.

The first manse is a shield manse, designed to create a powerful Essence field which can stretch miles into the air. It also acts as an early warning detection system. The second manse is a powerful assortment of Essence based weaponry which can be operated by the Grid’s Artificial Intelligence or present troops.

Perimeter Shield Manse (Water – Manse 4)
Drawbacks: No Hearthstone (4 pts) – 12 Creation Points Total

Powers: Geomantic Nexus (1 pt), Essence Shield (4 pts), Extended Zone of Influence (4 pts), Analytic Senses (2F pts), The Eyeless Sight of Daana’d (1F pt)

About: These water manses are the closest to the ocean and are advanced intrusion/escape detection and prevention centers. The manse can generate a 40B/40L/20A Hardness Shield out to a radius of four miles. Further, the manse automatically detects souls that pass through this range and scrutinizes obvious Charms and Artifacts. In addition, the senses of the manse can see through 1 inch thick materials and all difficulties to avoid its senses are at +3. Finally, like every manse in the Imperial City, it is a part of the Realm Defense Grid.

Perimeter Artillery Manse (Earth – Manse 4)
Drawbacks: No Hearthstone (4 pts) – 12 Creation Points Total

Powers: Geomantic Nexus (1 pt), Magical Conveniences (1 pt), Central Control (2 pts), Integrated Essence Artillery x2 (8 pts)

About: The first line of defense for would be invaders, each perimeter artillery manse has an impressive array of 16 dots worth of Artifact weapons which can be aimed and fired by operators or by the Grid’s Artificial Intelligence or any combination therein. All weapons within the manse can be operated independently.

Imperial City

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