House Rules

General Revisions

Moment of Glory – More than anything else the Exalted were created to rise up to the challenges that threaten them. With a successful 3 die stunt, your character may spend any remaining experience points (including the experience point from the stunt itself) instantaneously, ignoring training times. Normal expenditure limitations, such as the Essence cap for the character’s age, still apply. For clarification, raising a favored ability is a diceless reflexive action.

Experience Point Costs – Charms cost 4 experience points for Favored or Caste and 6 experience points for all others. Further, if you spend the time to portray your character training the ability through good story, you may discount the highest stunt rating you receive from the experience point cost of the purchase (minimum 1 experience point final cost).

For example, if your character ventures into the Underworld and seeks out a famed ghost who was a legendary martial artist during life to raise your Martial Arts from 4 to 5 and earns a 2 die stunt in play during one of the training sessions, the final experience point cost for your fifth dot (assuming martial arts is not favored for you) drops from 8 xp to 6 xp.

Discounts will only be given when players go out of their way to generate story during the training process. Standing atop a building and moving through Martial Arts Katas for ten days and ten nights non-stop, while cool, requires relatively little effort on the players part and would thus not be subject to the discount (but obviously counts as training time). As always, ST has the final call on discount applicability and everything else in the world EVER.

Excellencies – For each ability you have rated at 3+, you get one of the first three Excellencies for free. Having an ability rated at 5+ grants the character an additional Excellency for free. All other Excellencies must be purchased as usual.

Craft – Craft is now a single ability and its initial purchase grants you a single Craft skill of your choice. Specialties purchased for Craft, however, are tracked separately for each type of Craft. Purchasing a single specialty dot in a different Craft allows you to use your full Craft rating (including the specialty die) for that Craft. Craft (Genesis) is removed and represented by Craft and Medicine. Craft (Magitech) encompasses Artifacts does not require any prerequisite Crafts for Exalted.

Health Levels – Instead of the usual 2 -1 and -2 health levels, your character has their Stamina in -1 and -2 health levels

Instant Attunement – Essence wielders can instantly attune to Artifacts but doing so causes the Artifact to glow brightly like an 8-10 mote display with a display matching the wielder’s anima banner for the remainder of the scene. Night Castes and those with similar anima powers can mute this for an additional mote (not committed) and magic that disguises the character’s anima display also functions for instant attunement. Magic that allows for instant attunement does not trigger a display and creatures without anima banners trigger a pure white display.

Virtue Channeling – Channeling a virtue lasts for an entire action.

Intimacies – Two new uses for Intimacies

Achievements – Achievements are back, like you need more experience points.

Astrology – Streamlined astrology for your poor overworked ST.

Solar Bond Revision – This time with less Lunar screwing over-ing.

Specific Revisions

• If your character has Infinite (Ability) Mastery and activates it, the character receives the mote discount for all abilities that he possesses Infinite (Ability) Mastery for. For instance, your character has a 5 Dex, 5 Melee and 4 Essence. He could spend 20 motes to receive a 10 mote discount. If the ST calls for a Perception + Awareness roll (assuming an 8 die pool) and you have the Infinite Awareness Mastery, you would receive a 10 mote discount (though normal Charm caps apply). Infinite (Ability) Mastery is also Combo-Basic. Apply this benefit to similar Charms for other Exalted types, including Terrestrial (Ability) Reinforcement for Dragon Blooded.

Flow Like Blood
Cost: 7m, 1wp;
Prerequisite Charms: Shadow Over Water, Reflex Sidestep Technique
Replace the text of the Charm with the following
The movements of the lawgivers are as mercurial as water, their movements effortlessly sliding them past an onslaught of a thousand arms. While this Charm is active, the character’s own actions impose no penalty to her Dodge Defense Value. Further, the Exalt ignores all coordinated attack and onslaught penalties.

House Rules

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