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Below you’ll find some additional information about the Grid, the super information structure based primarily out of the Imperial City. If you have questions about specific features, please let me know and I’ll do my best to retrieve relevant information.

Brief History
The Grid was originally created using the backbone of the geomancy of Creation itself. Well into the Shogunate era, a brilliant Dragon Blooded Geomancer determined that not just Essence could flow through the Dragon Lines of Creation. He stumbled into this discovery in his detailed analysis of the spirit Charm known as “Hurry Home” and spirit summoning. If it was possible for something as complex as a spirit to travel at nearly the speed of light through the Dragon Lines then surely a simple information transfer could be achieved.

It was from there that he began recruiting spirits and helping those spirits develop Charms that would help him interact with the Dragon Lines. His formation of the Grid took a few revelations to come together:

• Spirits could develop Charms to send and receive information across the Dragon Lines
• Spirits could develop Charms to handle information and an interaction with the Dragon Lines on their own
• Spirits could create their manse directly in a portable Artifact which allows them more control over the Artifact itself
• And, by far his most important discovery, spirits that chose to do so received quite a bit more attention and prayer which meant their cooperation

It was shortly after he codified these few points and finally collected enough resources and willing spirits that he was able to test this theory through a smaller, geomantically linked series of manses. From there he perfected the process until finally he linked the Grid principles of a few manses into the geomancy of Creation itself, thus giving birth to the Grid as we know it today.

Network Node (1 pt) Revisited
Connecting to the Grid is a whole lot easier than it sounds. All it requires is that your PETALS be within range of a Manse that has the Network Node property that’s specifically attuned to the Grid. Whether the network is the Grid or a different network is decided by the geomancer at the time of manse construction. Any manse in creation can be connected to the Grid since information (and spirits) flow through the Essence Dragon Lines of Creation itself.

Aside from sending and receiving large amounts of information, features of the Grid are only limited by what the spirit that is interacting with it is capable of. Many technology spirits develop Charms which give them unique interactions with the Grid and make them extremely valuable to the mortal and Dragon Blooded host. As the demand for spirits goes up, they become more powerful through that demand and the willingness of users to appease them, which in turn leads to the growth of their own personal power. This cyclical and mutually beneficial relationship, in addition to the relatively simple alteration of existing manses, is what caused the rapid expanse of the Grid in Creation.

New devices began emerging and spirits began developing customized Charms to improve the experience for users. They used their sanctuaries, a place they had absolute complete control over, to funnel and manage information as it came in giving them the intrinsic ability to relay information in a manner far more efficient than simple speech. Once more, the development of portable sanctuaries meant more security for the spirits since they could literally take their homes with them when they traveled.


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