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This is the Documents section of your PETALS device. Here I will store information about places, things and organizations. Note that Artifacts and all things relating to or powered by Essence are in the Essence section. Also please note that information about specific individuals will be stored in the Contacts section.

A collection of the various organizations and data about those organizations. Publicly available data will be streamed directly from the Grid and I will record personal data for groups encountered in your travels when possible.

Undoubtedly you’ll encounter some interesting places and locations along your travels! I’ll maintain a list of those places within your PETALS so that you can review them. I’ll access data from the Grid on public places and record personal notations for you on information that is not available through the Grid.

The catch-all for everything else you find noteworthy that you would like a record of. This may include anything from mundane weapons to interesting devices that you wish to keep notes or schematics of. At your request, I can access data about particular things from the Grid.


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