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Anima Banners
Exalts do not gain the listed benefit of their anima banner as described as described. Instead, they receive the following benefits:

Immunity: For the expenditure of non-committed 3 motes as a diceless reflexive action, the Dragon Blooded becomes immune to his aspect element for the duration of the scene. This effect becomes active automatically when the Dragon Blooded’s anima reaches the 11+ mote range. Dragon Blooded are immune to environmental hazards with a Trauma rating equal to or less than their Essence rating provided the hazard is composed primarily of their aspect element while this ability is active. Additionally, each aspect has unique immunities: Air can completely negate falling damage, Earth aspects cannot suffocate from cave ins or other phenomenons, Fire aspects cannot suffocate from smoke inhalation or oxygen deprivation caused by fires, Water aspects cannot drown and ignore all penalties while underwater, and Wood aspects are completely immune to all natural poisons.

Flux: By committing 3 motes as a reflexive diceless action, the Dragon Blooded deals (Essence) dice of damage to all adjacent foes and objects every six ticks for the duration of the scene. This is treated as an unblockable, undodgeable attack which can be soaked normally and must overcome Hardness despite being elemental in nature. This effect becomes active automatically once the Dragon Blooded’s anima reaches the 11+ mote range. For an additional 2 motes, the range of this attack becomes (Essence) yards. The Dragon Blooded receives the range benefit automatically at the 16+ mote range.

Empowerment: At the 16+ mote range, the Dragon Blooded receives a 1 mote discount on all activations of Charms with the Elemental Keyword that resonate with his aspect.

Revisions to keywords are as follows.

Cooperative: The cooperative keyword signifies a Charm that a Dragon Blooded can benefit multiple times from. While a character may only benefit from a single activation from each Dragon Blooded that uses a Charm, this keyword denotes that multiple Dragon Blooded may activate this Charm to provide a cumulative benefit. Note that each Dragon Blooded may only activate a Charm once per ally and exceptions to this rule are noted with the Stackable keyword.

Leader #: When applicable, substitute dots in magnitude for the number of targets the Dragon Blooded could normally target. Targets that are part of the same unit satisfy adjacent and touching requirements in mass combat.

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