A World Without Sunshine

So Far......

Taiyou set his manse petals device in front of him and turned on the image recorder. He decided that he should start keepping a record of all that was happening to him and Mariah. He stared at it for a long time in his rented room in Sijan. He would start to speak, but then stop himself as he seem to be listening to nothing. He squeezed his head with his hands as hard as he could. Then he stared into the device, ran his hands through his hair to pull out of his face and then started to speak:

My name is Taiyou. Its been a little while since I could even say my name, but I’ll get to that soon. 戦争がやってくる. 我々は勝つ. Sometime the voices are a little much. But as time goes on, I seem not to notice them as much.

A little about myself first, I was a student in the Imperial city and was adopted into house 売春婦の息子 Tepet. Then with luck straight out of the underworld, my new 素晴らしい family gave me over to Malfeas. I spent 5 years there….. Tortured, drove insane every way possible. But enough about me.

Upon escaping Malfeas, I found a cave and some how knew that it would lead be back. I crawled through the cave and into the sewers of Imperial City. Never thought that filth would smell so good. I found a ladder, climbed up and crawled out of a manhole in the middle of the street. There was a woman standing on a side walk across the street from me, there was actual sunlight shining on her. I noticed the sun was shining on me too. You don’t see the sun in the Imperial City. When I looked up and saw the sun. 征服されない日の栄光. The lady across the street was going through this too. Her name was Mariah. It was a blur, but I do remember seeing a man with four arms on the road in front of us…. He spoke to us, the voice booming in our ears. But its hard to remember what he said.

Power was in my veins, I felt alive. 高貴な. We were then attacked by some rapid response guards. They gunned down some citizens that tried to block them from us. We fought them, then a drangonblooded named Arianna helped us escape. We made introductions to each other. She also told us that the Malfeas was trying to take over creation and only the Solars could stop them. She had broke into the jade prison and freed our exalt souls to help with problems that was affecting creation. She didn’t think the dragonblooded would be enough to prevent the worst from happening. I was twilight caste solar and Mariah was a night caste solar. She left us at a manse and went in search of others. We noticed another column of light and close to us. Mariah and I then rescued Alex Hale, he was a dawn caste. We waited for Arianna to came back and when she did sometime later, she told us a plan to get out of the city. The only way we could leave if Alex gave us a distraction for us to escape. We couldn’t figure any other way so we did it. Arianna cast a spell to change our anima banners and then for people to forget our names. We escaped the city due to Alex’s bravery.

Arianna let us have the essence vehicle, then suggest to find these refugees and also to start a nation. She left us to return to the Imperal city. We found the refugees and meet a air aspect named Amilar Mariko. She was part of Lookshy and was escorting citizens back because of their outpost was over runned by demons. That sparked an interest, Mariah and I convinced her to let us help her get it back. We went to the out post and with the help of her, we annihilated the demons.

Mariah and I decided to take our chances with Lookshy. We were going to try and join them. With my new acquired power, I had knowledge and the power to build manses. I built a city and it was spectacular. I had a dream of a sorcerer circle and designed the city to match the circle. I had citizen and everything. I made Mariah and I some armor and guns. The guns will need further study, 彼らは芸術作品です。. Did such a good, the new shogun of Lookshy was on her way to see it. Karal Yukiko was her name.

She showed up and got a tour of our city. She seemed like she want to be our friend and wanted us to join Lookshy. We had a dinner, she told us that she wanted to break away from the Realms treaties. She wanted to take down the Realm for dealing with demons. So we made our decisions and then made our pledge to Lookshy. Yukiko provided the pledge, also she turned out to be an Eclispe caste and she bound our oath to her and Lookshy. Turned out that oath was imprisoning. To break an Eclispe oath would likely mean death. I was trapped, いいえ、再び. I would not be a slave again.

She wanted us to be back at Lookshy and help redo the city to help make it better. We went to Lookshy, spent months training and rebuilding.

Three days ago, Yukiko called us to her office. We arrived and she showed us a map with a small village on it. She told us that they have had a large numbers of slaves dropped off at this small village and she wanted to investigated it. She wanted us to check it out and get some recon. This might be a chance to get some dirt on the realm. Yukiko came with us, no one new that we were going. On the way there the spell Arianna was committed too was dropped and we could use our real names again.

We got there. Sent Mariah in to do some recon. We notice that some people were in this village, there was also three manses there too. We noticed the people were summoning golding blades like a solar charm, but I noticed that they were spirit charms instead. Mariah was getting close when she was spotted by guard. A fight broke out. Yukiko ran down to help with Mariah in close quarter fighting, while I provided covering fire. But soon they ran around a side of a manse and I lost sight. I was running to get a good spot. When I was got to a good spot, Yukiko was dead with a second circle demon standing over her headless body. I put all my will into my gun and pulled the trigger three times in rapid succession. Each shot bound the demon, one golden chain appeared around both of the demons wrist and the last bound around its neck. It was pulled to the ground and I knew it was under my control There was a fire aspect, standing there squared off with Mariah. Mariah seemed to be shocked from the death of the shogun, but personally I couldn’t help to think that I was bound to her no more. 自由!!

The dragonblooded introduced himself as Sesus Rolonoff and told us that if we went back to Lookshy that we would be executed for allowing the shogun to die. I really couldn’t argue with his statement, he was right. Mariah wanted to take the body, but I knew that no one knew we were with her and that we really couldn’t go back anyway. Rolonoff told us that more back up was coming out of the manse soon. I convince Mariah to run, she tried to get the body. But it kind of melted into the ground. I told the demon to follow me and we made it back to the ship and left.

While Mariah and I were arguing over what to do. She made a real good compelling argument, but then she seemed to loss her golden luster and pale dramatically. Her essence seemed to be almost black. Wow, you don’t see that every day. She seemed to have a need to go to someplace for her to rest and she seemed to know the place where she wanted to go. But both of us hasn’t been here before. She drove us to Sijan and she disappeared. I haven’t slept, but hopefully after I have rested, I can find her and find out what going on.

I know I have left a lot out, but who is going to see this anyway.


I went to school today. We’re learning about counting jade. After that was penmanship class, we practice on rice parchment. After school I road the floatilla home and ate dinner with mom and dad. Dad talked about work at the factory and mom told us about her sewing. I told them about my school. After dinner I went upstairs and opened my window to let in some fresh air, my asthma makes it hard to breathe sometimes.

I opened the window just now and caught a glimpse between the clouds. Peaking from around the endless mass of grey, I saw a brilliant golden light shine through and bathe me in my window. It felt like being on fire, it felt like being born. It was in that moment that my eyes were opened and I felt everything I was meant to feel.

But then it was gone, just as quickly as it came. I dropped to my knees and wept. For hours I wept. In that one moment I knew love, hate, life, death, passion, conviction, justice… I knew how to feel. I can feel it slipping now, leaving me like the sun’s light hid back behind the clouds. I don’t want to live in this world, a world where the sun doesn’t shine. I wish… I wish someone would do something, someone would stand up and let us see the sun again. I wish I could feel that way forever, I wish I could breathe. I have to keep writing, I have to find a way to write this all down so that I don’t forget. I can’t forget, I have to remember. I have to remember… to remember…

Weird day yesterday, I don’t quite remember what happened. Busy day today. Got up, went to school. Today we took some tests. I need to do well so I can go to secondary school. I’m going to be an engineer, like my father. His father was an engineer and his father before him. That’s what our family does. That’s what we’ve always done.

Saw Akira at school. We talked about tests. I think we get along. Maybe we’ll have a family some day.

Tonight I’ll go home for dinner. Mom and dad will talk about their day, I’ll talk about mine. Afterward I’ll do my homework then I’ll go to bed. Tomorrow, more school.

I … can’t remember yesterday, I just remember opening my window. Something happened, something important. I just can’t remember what. Oh well, probably nothing, I should forget about it and focus on my school work.


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