Garos Silvermaw


Lucky Three Tails

A whimsical spirit that Exalted when an undead army lead by a powerful Abyssal attacked his tribe, Garos Exalted after receiving a crippling wound that permanently wounded his throat and damaged his vocal cords. He wears the scar as a mark of pride that he survived the most powerful enemy the Underworld had to offer but has since lost the ability to speak since the wound happened shortly before his Exaltation. He managed to beat back the Abyssal but left to explore Creation since his village was destroyed.

Despite not being able to speak, Garos has no problem making friends wherever he goes and is a surprisingly trust worthy friend. He’s always willing to lend a hand when those around him are in need. Deep in his heart, however, he knows that his parading across Creation has purpose and he’s looking for something he can’t quite define.

Tell: Fox ears and hair that blends into tail (flat 12 successes)
Spirit Shape: Marsh Fox (Large)
6/6/7 – 10B/7L Natural Soak

Garos Silvermaw

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